Privacy Statement

 The privacy policy at DaHotSpotz is taken very seriously. It is our firm intention to practice the safeguard of all confidential information from our user community. The privacy policy is a living document, which from time to time will be changed to meet the needs of the user community. All registered users will be notified of any change to this privacy policy via our web site (website or site in this document will solely refer to DaHotSpotz). All information is kept confidential and we do not trade or sell your personal information. Only selected information is shared with the registered user community to provide communication. If you have any concerns or questions please let us know at Contact Us

Why do we collect your information?

 We collect your information to provide our user community with an efficient, safe, smooth and easy environment to use. When browsing the site, information is collected to help us obtain statistical data, to determine what our user community requires and how to make the service easier, safer, more enjoyable and more fun to use. This information helps us to maintain the site, gather statistical data, create and understand internal research to provide better services along with isolating any problems with the application or the server.

User Information

This service has created a privacy policy that our user community must follow. Users must acknowledge that we cannot ensure the privacy and security of information that is provided through the internet, emails and information that you release to us. We cannot be held liable for any information that is misused by other parties, although we do try our best to enforce them went we can or when it is made available to us. We suggest that you be caution in the use of information that you provide on this site. We do not assume responsibility for the content of messages sent by other users of this site. By accept membership to this site you release us of any and all liabilities in content, communication that you receive from the user community. We also can guarantee or verify the accuracy of the information provide to us by the user community.

Service will be terminate or denied to anyone who uses this site or service in any unlawful purpose, such as copyright or traded mark properties, vulgar or offensive material that is determined by our sole discretion.


Legal Responsibility

 Our intention is to provide a safe environment for all of our users. We will work with law enforcement with inquires to solve fraud related issues, written abuse, harassment and help protect our user community. Therefore any request by law enforcement related to criminal or illegal activities would result in the disclosing of your name, address, username, and email and telephone number in an effort to remove any and all users who violate the User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Removal of users or services

 Users may be removed for this site for the following reasons:
  • The user has requested that they be removed from the site.
  • The user has been suspended
  • User has been terminated due to the failure to comply with the User Agreement or Privacy Policy.
  • User has failed to comply with local or international laws.

The user information will be removed only from the public user community access and will be placed in a secure and private section, which will be kept as only reference. Only selective personnel will have access to this information. User will be deactivated immediately once all fees owing has been paid.

Recognizing the global nature of the Internet, by using this site you agree to comply with all local laws and such rules regarding online transactions, privacy, content, laws regarding transmission of technical and personal data.

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