About Us

What is DaHotSpotz ?

Hello Dan and welcome. Thank you for registering with DaHotSpotz.com! This site is dedicated to promoting events/jams/parties/fetes/socials/concerts all over the world! As a promoter/DJ, you will be able to post and edit your event, upload a flyer, upload your logo and create and manage your very own guest list for your event.

Create and Manage your Events

As a promoter/DJ, you can create an event on DaHotSpotz.com for visitors to view. You can enter details of the event such as a description, the venue, admission costs, Djs, sponsored by, hosted by, etc. Your event can be viewed by people all over the world!

Upload A Flyer

While creating your event, DaHotSpotz.com allows you to upload a flyer and associate it with your event. An option of 'Upload flyer' will appear while filling in/confirming details of your event. This flyer will appear as a link in your listing on our site.

Create and Manage a Guestlist

DaHotSpotz.com allows promoter/djs to create a guest list with their event. Promoters/djs are able to manage their guest list by specifying the number of guests that are allowed on the guest list, the promoter/dj is able to specify how many guests a primary guest can bring, the promoter/dj can specify when a guest list closes, can approve/deny guests on the guest list and send out automated emails to guests to let them know if they were approved/denied on the guest list. Click 'Next' below to continue to the Member area which explains the functions available to you!

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